Auto Clicker Software

Auto Click on Game, Applications, Browsers from your Windows, Macintosh or Linux Computers with Auto Clicker. Now you can Auto Click on Full Screen Games, Android Emulators, Online Games and anything else which requires Automated Mouse Clicking. All the Auto Clickers provided here are Free to Download and does not requires any installation. In order Auto Click on Android, you can use any of the Auto Clicker on appropriate Operating System with Android running on an Android Emulator.

Auto Clicker for Windows

Download Auto Clicker for Windows which works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and on Windows 10. This Auto Clicker Software is Free to Download and try without any functionality limitations. Setting up Gaming mode for Auto Clicker requires extra download and otherwise, this Auto Clicker Software package has everything you would need to Auto Click in any Game, Windows Application or Browser Window.

Sfreenshot of Auto Clicker Software on Windows 10

Features of this Auto Clicker Software for Windows

You can Auto Click on any Windows Application, whether it is a Game, Browser or even an Android Emulator or Simulator. Given below are few features which you can utilize to Auto Click with a Keyboard or Mouse Shortcut. Yes there are lots of other features and new features are being added as and when required or suggested.

With the help of Game Players, this Auto Clicker has matured into an Advanced Auto Clicker providing every possible way to Auto Click in Games and other Applications. Now whenever you need to Click Faster, all you need to do is press the Keyboard or Mouse Shortcut to start Automatic Mouse Clicking and this Auto Clicker will do the Mouse Clicking for you. With Video Tutorials and Screenshots you can quickly learn how to use this Auto Clicker. Yes the Auto Clicker is really the best Software for Games which require repetitive Mouse Clicking.

Auto Clicker for Macintosh

Download Auto Clicker for Mac OS X 10.7 and later versions. There are 2 configurable Keyboard Shortcuts available for Automatic Mouse Clicking and for Key Pressing. The Time delay between consecutive Automated Clicks can be assigned a fix value and a Random Time Delay as well. You can even configure Audible Alert to be sounded with every Mouse Click or Key Press done by this Auto Clicker Software for Macintosh.

Screenshot of Auto Clicker running on Macintosh 10.9

Features of Auto Clicker Software for Macintosh

Most of the features of this Mouse Automation Software are accessible from the Main Screen of the Software as displayed in the Screenshot. The Dropdown for each Auto Clicker allows you to select type of Mouse Click to be done. Yes you can even select the Keyboard key to be pressed. Other features of this Auto Clicker for Macintosh are enumerated below.

Auto Clicker for Linux

For Clicking in Games running on Ubuntu, Linux Mint or any other Linux Operating System, you can use the Auto Clicker presented here for Linux Computers. The Auto Clicker for Linux offered here is a 32 bit package and works on both 32 bit and 64 bit Linux Operating Systems. Download the Auto Clicker for Linux bundled in a zip file. There is no installation required for this Auto Clicker, just extract the zip file and start Automated Mouse Clicking on your Linux Computer.

Screenshot of Auto Clicker running on Linux Mint

Features of Auto Clicker for Linux

This Linux Application is capable of much more than Automated Mouse Clicking. You can simply use a Keyboard Shortcut to Start / Stop Mouse Clicking at Fixed Screen Location or at Current Mouse Cursor Location. You can even create a Script to Auto Click at Multiple Screen Locations on your Linux Computer.

Auto Clicker for Android

Auto Clicking on Android Mobile Phones and Tablets is little bit complicated. Android does not allow Native Apps to Click on other Android Apps, irrespective of whether you want to Auto Click on Android Games, Browser Windows or any other Android App. Yes there are multiple ways in which you can still Auto Click on Android Apps using any of the given below methods.